Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our friends at Anti-CAIR inform us that CAIR’s hired liar, Ibrahim Hooper, recently manufactured a lie to attack WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah. Here’s what they discovered:

CAIR Slimes Joe Farah — Time To Take The Gloves Off?

Joseph Farah is irate. And rightly so.

The highly respected founder, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily was blatantly slandered last week by CAIR’s communication director, and terrorist supporter, Ibrahim Hooper.

The Daily News had a column that referred to a new book from WND Books called Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out.

Looking for a quote from a Muslim about the book, the columnists at the Daily News went to CAIR, specifically, Ibrahim Hooper:.

“This book is put out by WND Publishing (sic), which promotes hate every day on its extremist anti-Muslim hate site. The editor is a guy who suggested air-dropping pig’s blood over Afghanistan.”

What Hooper has done here is exactly how Farah, in an Editorial, describes it:

“Hooper put a target on my back . . . He also uttered a false and defamatory statement about me that has yet to be corrected by the Daily News, has yet to be withdrawn by Hooper and will undoubtedly be recycled in other venues”

Over one week later, and only after Farah’s editorial, CAIR sent this pathetic “explanation” to Farah from it’s legal counsel Nadhira F. Al-Khalili:

“In the interest of accuracy . . . Mr. Hooper was referring to a WorldNetDaily column, presumably approved by you as editor of the website, which advocated telling Afghans that the U.S. has ‘enlisted Afghani (sic) moles to contaminate their water supplies with pig’s blood.”

Mr. Farah is justifiably not satisfied. He told Al-Khalili:

“Your client has an obligation to apologize for those comments and seek correction at the point of publication”

In one area there was some progress. The attorney for the Daily News has told Mr. Farah that they will publish a correction in the near future. The “explanation” given by CAIR’s Al-Khalili, however, is nothing but a middle-fingered salute straight back at Mr. Farah. It is absurd.

See Anti-CAIR’s full press release for all of the details.

Ibrahim Hooper spreading his lies on MSNBC

In summary then:


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