Sunday, April 20, 2008

CAIR Chairman: Free Terrorist Leader

CAIR Chairman Parvez Ahmed (left), convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leader Sami Al-Arian (right), and some PIJ “militants” liberating an unarmed Palestinian.

If you currently visit the CAIR website, you’ll notice that 3 of the 5 rotating highlighted articles concerns jailed Palestinian Islamic Jihad North American leader Sami Al-Arian. One of those articles is an editorial co-authored by CAIR board chairman Parvez Ahmed, “Sami Al-Arian Must Be Freed”.

Try as much as you like, you will be hard pressed to find out from the CAIR website exactly why Sami Al-Arian remains in jail, let alone what put him there in the first place. Al-Arian is in prison because he is obstructing justice by refusing to testify in response to a federal grand jury regarding his knowledge of terrorist support activities in the US. The only man keeping Al-Arian in jail is Al-Arian himself, as noted recently by the Washington Post. All he has do to is appear before the grand jury and tell the truth. Then again, telling the truth is something he has had extreme difficulty with.

But as I said, nothing in Parvez Ahmed’s editorial or anywhere on CAIR’s website can you find out exactly what Sami Al-Arian pled guilty of. At the time of his plea deal, the Tampa Tribune briefly described what Al-Arian pled guilty to: “an admission that he continued to aid relatives and colleagues associated with PIJ after it was designated a terrorist group.”

In the actual plea agreement filed with the court and signed by Al-Arian (which he also initialed on every page), we read in full the extent of his terrorist crimes and lies:

9. Factual Basis
Defendant is pleading guilty because defendant is in fact guilty. The defendant certifies that defendant does hereby admit that the facts set forth below are true, and were this case to go to trial, the United States would be able to prove those specific facts and others beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. During the period of the late 1980s, and early to mid-1990s, defendant Al-Arian was associated with several organizations, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Defendant Al-Arian knew that co-defendants Ramadan Abdullah Shallah (Shallah), Bashir Musa Mohammed Nafi (Nafi) and Mazen Al-Najjar (Al-Najjar) were also associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

  2. On or about January 23, 1995, President William Clinton issued Executive Order 12947, which declared a national emergency regarding the grave acts of violence committed by foreign terrorists that disrupted the Middle East Peace Process. Executive Order 12947 prohibited certain transactions, including the making or receiving or any contribution of funds, goods, or services, to or for the benefit of organizations and individuals who were declared “Specially Designated Terrorists.” Executive Order 12947 also made unlawful any transaction that evaded or avoided, or had the purpose of evading or avoiding, or attempted to violate, any of the prohibitions set forth in the Order. By January 24, 1995, the United States had designated the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Sheik Abd Al Aziz Awda and Fathi Shiqaqi as Specially Designated Terrorists. Later that year, in November, 1995, the United States designated Ramadan Shallah as a Specially Designated Terrorist.

  3. Defendant Al-Arian performed services for the PIJ in 1995 and thereafter.

  4. Such services included filing for Immigration benefits for individuals associated with the PIJ, hiding the identities of individuals associated with the PIJ, and providing assistance for an individual associated with the PIJ in an United States Court proceeding. The services are described with more particularity in the following paragraphs.

  5. On or about February 6, 1995, defendant Al-Arian had a telephone conversation with a co-conspirator and discussed the recent Presidential Executive Order against terrorists.

  6. Defendant Al-Arian was aware that the PIJ achieved its objectives by, among other means, acts of violence.

  7. On or about August 25, 1995, defendant Al-Arian filed a visa renewal petition with the INS on behalf of co-defendant Nafi.

  8. On or about September 1, 1995, co-defendant Al-Najjar wrote a $5,000 check drawn on the Muslim Women Society (MWS) account, payable to World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE) which was deposited into the WISE account.

  9. On or about October 25, 1995, co-defendant Al-Najjar executed an Affidavit filed with the INS in support of Nafi’s alien employment petition. In the Affidavit, Al-Najjar stated that he and defendant Al-An’an had sufficient financial means to fund Nafi’s salary. Al-Najjar further stated that in 1993, he contributed $36,000 to WlSE and that in January and February 1994, he had in excess of $50.000 available to support the operations of WISE.

  10. On or about October 30, 1995, in the early morning hours, defendant Al-Arian received a telephone call from a co-conspirator in which the coconspirator asked whether defendant Al-Arian had heard that Fathi Shiqaqi had been killed. Defendant Al-Arian indicated that he had heard and then refused to talk. Later that day, he had a telephone conversation with Al-Najjar. Defendant Al-Arian indicated he wanted to meet with Al-Najjar.

  11. On or about October 30, 1995, co-defendant Nafi made a telephone call to defendant Al-Arian. Nafi whispered during this conversation and defendant Al-Arian said the matter had been complicated and inquires had begun.

  12. On or about October 30, 1995, defendant Al-Arian had a telephone conversation with a journalist with The St. Petersburg Times. When the journalist asked about Shallah being named the Secretary General of the PIJ, defendant Al-Arian falsely stated that Shallah’s name must have been mixed up with someone else and falsely stated he only knew Ramadan Abdullah Shallah as Ramadan Abdullah. Later, defendant Al-Arian had another telephone conversation with a journalist with The St. Petersburg Times. During this conversation, defendant Al-Arian expressed shock and surprise and falsely stated there was nothing Shallah had done while at WlSE to indicate any political affiliation. Defendant Al-Arian falsely stated that Shallah was not involved in any political activities while at WISE and that Shallah had been engaged in only scholarly work.

  13. On or about October 31, 1995, defendant Al-Arian and codefendant Al-Najjar caused a facsimile to be sent from WlSE which explained its mission and its experience with Shallah and falsely denied any knowledge of Shallah’s association or affiliation with any political group in the Middle East.

  14. On or about August 7, 2000, defendant Al-Arian, who was in the Middle District of Florida, had a telephone conversation with co-defendant Nafi, who was in England, about utilizing a contact of Nafi’s in Egypt to obtain travel documents for Al-Najjar. They then spoke about Nafi’s problems with his immigration status in the United States. Then they had a coded conversation about the account to which Nafi had sent money to assist in the defense of co-defendant Al-Najjar’s ongoing INS proceeding.

  15. On or about August 8, 2000, defendant Al-Arian, who was in the Middle District of Florida, called a co-conspirator, who was outside the State of Florida. When defendant Al-Arian asked co-conspirator if any thing was deposited in his account or his wife’s account, the co-conspirator replied there were “ten shirts” (referring to a sum of money). Defendant Al-Arian then directed the co-conspirator to send nine of them to the account of another co-conspirator.

  16. Later in the day on August 8, 2000, defendant Al-Arian, who was in the Middle District of Florida, had a telephone conversation with co-defendant Nafi, who was outside the State of Florida, and told Nafi that the issue of “the magazines” (referring to a sum of money) was resolved, but the travel document had not been received from Egypt. They then discussed utilizing the press to support Al-Najjar in his INS hearing by setting up an interview with Abd Al Aziz Awda (Awda) to show that he had the permission of the Israelis to reside in the Gaza Strip. Defendant Al-Arian then asked Nafi for Awda’s telephone number. Nafi told him to call back the next day to get the number. Additionally, they discussed Nafi’s response to allegations in the press that he was a member of the PIJ.

  17. On or about August 8, 2000, defendant Al-Arian directed codefendant Hatem Naji Fariz (Fariz) to arrange a newspaper interview with Awda.

  18. On or about August 9, 2000, defendant Al-Arian and co-defendant Fariz had a telephone conversation about causing one or more newspaper articles to be written on Awda. They desired to utilize these articles in the INS hearing regarding Al-Najjar and wanted them to portray Awda as a religious figure with no relation to the PIJ.
All of this was signed off by Al-Arian. So is Sami Al-Arian a “political prisoner”, as CAIR’s Parvez Ahmed claims; or is he the terrorist leader imprisoned after admitting to his crimes in support of PIJ and his continued obstruction of justice by refusing to testify against his terrorist co-conspirators still operating in the US?

Sami Al-Arian has admitted to his terrorist crimes. Time for CAIR to come to terms with them as well. Sami Al-Arian is no freedom fighter or political prisoner; he’s a terrorist thug and a coward for repeatedly refusing to tell the truth about his crimes. Something officials at CAIR can readily identify with.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

DOJ: CAIR conspired to support terrorists

To see the extent to which CAIR will lie in order to avoid the consequences of their hate and terror, one only need look at the “Urban Legends” section of the CAIR website.

Of course, many of these “urban legends” CAIR attempts to debunk are easily verifiable facts.

For instance, the first lie in that document says:

Disinformation: Some law enforcement officials have asserted that CAIR aids terrorists.

Of the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officials in the United States, only two former FBI members, Steven Pomerantz and Oliver “Buck” Revell, have ever made such allegations against CAIR. It is important to note that these allegations, originally made in the mid-1990s when both men no longer served as FBI officials, remain nothing more than the opinions of men who stand to gain financially by smearing Muslims.

But in fact, the Department of Justice, which is the highest level of law enforcement in the United States, said that very thing in a legal brief just this past December (for more see, “For the Record: Government Reminds Court of CAIR/MAS Ties to Terrorists”):

Moreover, since its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists. (DOJ Brief No. 07-4778, USA v. Benkahla, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, p. 58)

Here’s the image of that section of the DOJ legal brief:

It is true that Steve Pomerantz, former FBI chief of counterterrorism, has said the following:

Any objective assessment of the material presented above leads to the conclusion that CAIR, its leaders, and its activities, effectively give aid to international terrorist groups. Unfortunately, CAIR is but one of a new generation of new groups in the United States that hide under a veneer of “civil rights” or “academic” status but in fact are tethered to a platform that support terrorism. The degree to which these groups are able to deceive the American public and intimidate writers and counter-terrorist officials will be a significant ingredient in whether this country will be rendered more vulnerable to terrorism in future years. (“Counterterrorism in a Free Society,” The Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International 5:1, Spring 1998, p. 26)

Here we see yet another example of CAIR lying to hide the ugly truth.

In summary: CAIR = LIAR

Thank you.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shocka! New CAIR official is HAMAS supporter!

As our friends at Central Ohioans Against Terrorism recently pointed out, the newly-appointed head of the CAIR-Columbus, Abukar Arman, is an internationally renowned terror apologist, spewing his venom and hatred all over the internet in multiple publications. He is also on the state board of CAIR-Ohio.

But in addition to that, Abukar Arman is an especial admirer of the HAMAS terrorist organization. In January 2006, he published a blog post, “Hamas Victory Is A Victory for Democracy and Peace!”, hailing the successes of the terrorist group (screenshot posted below in the event that Mr. Arman’s article — ahem — disappears).

This revelation of a CAIR official openly supporting their HAMAS terrorist masters is about as predictable as the sun rising in the east, or Ibrahim Hooper eating all the leftover doughnuts after a CAIR staff meeting. It does, however, continue to strip away the thin veneer of respectability that CAIR has purchased with as much Wahhabi money that they have been able to get their hands on.

In summary then: CAIR = HAMAS.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CAIR demands spying on federal employees

Never shy about their glaring hypocrisy, CAIR has demanded that Homeland Security begin spying — on DHS employees!

According to Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times today, “Activists seek oversight of TSA screeners”, CAIR was a signatory to a letter addressed to Kip Hawley of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) demanding the installation of cameras to spy on TSA employees to document “incidents of bias”:

Religious, minority and civil rights activists are asking Homeland Security officials to screen their own airport screeners using video cameras to check whether passengers are being subjected to bias or profiling.

“We believe such controls are critical to ensuring that our nation’s [screeners] are focused squarely on security threats and not distracted by any personal bias,” the organizations said in a letter this week to Kip Hawley, director of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The letter was signed by several groups including the Sikh Coalition, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Asian American Justice Center, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Council of La Raza.

The activists say recent policy changes give transportation security officers more discretion to pull aside passengers for additional screening that results in “an unchecked ability to engage in racial, religious, ethnic or national origin profiling of air travelers.”

Now you might be thinking to yourself: "Doesn’t CAIR scream ‘Islamophobia’ any time that one of their own gets nabbed by the Feds through spying and surveillance? And isn’t even the hint of suspicion directed at Islamic groups involved in support for terrorism grounds for them to wail about the US government declaring war on Islam?"

Well, yes they do friends, but they are never ones to let consistency get in their way! If spying on federal employees is what’s needed to impose their Islamofascist agenda on America, then so be it!

In the spirit of CAIR’s new spying program, they have provided TSA with new posters to be displayed in federal workplaces:

(Islamofascist eye courtesy of our friends at CAIR Watch)

But turning their Islamofascist logic around (i.e. spying on terrorists is a war on Islam), by demanding spying on federal employees hasn’t CAIR now declared war on the US government?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Thank you.

Monday, April 7, 2008

CAIR’s war on Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist

BEHOLD! CAIR’s dreaded cartoon of blasphemy (courtesy IBD)

Today editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez of Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) won a Pulitzer Prize today — his second — for editorial cartooning. (See IBD’s write-up and Editor & Publisher’s article)

CAIR will not be pleased with this development since it was just a few months ago that they launched a nationwide campaign against Ramirez for his cartoon (above) criticizing Iranian involvement in the spread of terror and extremism across the Middle East. As reported by Central Ohioans Against Terrorism, the trouble began when the Columbus Dispatch published Ramirez’s cartoon.

CAIR immediately fired up their Microsoft Outlook and issued an action alert (conveniently now removed from their website) entitled, “Incitement: Cartoon Portrays Iranians as Cockroaches Fleeing Sewer”, stating:

Send polite comments about this Nazi-style cartoon depicting Iranians as roaches fleeing a sewer to:,

This might strike the average reader as a bit hypocritical, as CAIR has not said a single word about the avalanche of racist hate cartoons published throughout the Islamic world; then again, CAIR has never had much of a problem with its hypocrisy.

But let’s leave that aside for a moment and focus on the fact that CAIR substantially misrepresented the cartoon. Ramirez clearly did not have all Iranians themselves in mind, as the cockroaches are streaming from a grate emblazoned with the word “extremism”.

And did CAIR really believe that these “cockroaches” were “fleeing” Iran, as if Ramirez was saying that Iranian refugees were insects? No, but to grant the obvious meaning wouldn’t make for nearly as compelling an action alert. And how many times do they get to use the “Nazi” label against someone demonstrating anti-dhimmitude sentiments? Another possible explanation, of course, is that CAIR doesn’t believe that Iran, “Axis of Evil” member and state sponsor of terrorism, isn’t spreading extremism. (For some background of Iran’s spreading terrorism and extremism, see today’s Washington Times editorial, “Tehran’s murderous role”.)

So why might CAIR be so touchy about criticism of the Iranian regime?

Oh, that’s right!

Yes, that would be CAIR’s Executive Director Nihad Awad and national vice-chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras playing hostess for Iranian Ayatollah Khatami at a September 2006 CAIR fundraiser, a photo that was prominently displayed on the opening page of CAIR’s 2006 Annual Report. (For more details on CAIR’s fundraiser featuring Ayatollah Khatami, the godfather of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, see this post: “A Smile and Handshake for the Iranian Dictator”.)

In a rare display of anti-dhimmitude, the usually obeisant Columbus Dispatch rejected the argument of their Islamic overlords by issuing the following response to CAIR’s complaints raising these very points:

Dear sir or madame:

Thank you for writing to The Dispatch.

You apparently are responding to a call from the Council of American-Islamic relations to write to me and to cartoonist Michael Ramirez to complain about a cartoon about the Iraqi regime’s support of violent extremists and terrorists throughout the Middle East.

CAIR claims the cartoon demeans all Iranians as cockroaches. But since the drain cover depicted in the cartoon is clearly labeled with “Iran” and “extremism” it is clear that the cartoon refers only to those elements of the Iranian regime who support extremism. In other words, it doesn’t come close to labeling all Iranians as cockroaches.

CAIR also likens the cartoon to Nazi propaganda. This is a remarkable display of intellectual gymnastics. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of the Jewish state and questions the Holocaust, while his regime tries to develop nuclear weapons. If CAIR is truly concerned about the promotion of Nazi ideas and the use of Nazi methods, it should direct its attention to Tehran.

CAIR’s claims that its mission is to promote understanding of Islam and combat anti-Islamic information and anti-Islamic attitudes. That’s an honorable mission when it is directed at legitimate grievances.

In this case, CAIR has misrepresented this cartoon and missed the mark by fabricating a false grievance.

All the best,

Glenn Sheller
Editorial Page Editor
The Columbus Dispatch

Congrats to Michael Ramirez! Your artistry and commentary are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

CAIR’s Nihad Awad (left) paid a visit this week to his terrorist pal Sami Al-Arian (right)

According to the Tampa Tribune, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad and several other leaders of the US Muslim Brotherhood network met with jailed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leader Sami Al-Arian earlier this week, endorsing Al-Arian’s continued obstruction of justice in refusing to divulge details of his knowledge of terrorist support operations in the US. Al-Arian has admitted to fundraising and otherwise aiding PIJ terrorist leaders — several of whom are relatives.

After their jailhouse visit with Al-Arian, Awad said that “they were there to support him.” CAIR also issued a press release highlighting the meeting with the terrorist leader.

Al-Arian has twice been convicted in federal court of contempt of court following his guilty plea for conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization. A video tape entered as evidence in Al-Arian’s trial shows deported PIJ leader Fawaz Damra introducing Al-Arian as the head of the “active arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.” Al-Arian has been subpoenaed on three different occasions by federal grand juries to testify about his knowledge and involvement with terrorist support activities, particularly the role of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), which bankrolled his PIJ terrorist front in Tampa. Despite grants of immunity and a federal appeals court decision rejecting his claim that his plea deal exempted him from appearing before the grand jury, Al-Arian has refused to testify.

Al-Arian’s ongoing obstruction of justice, which has extended his prison term, prompted Nihad Awad to call him a “political prisoner.” Someone might want to remind Awad that even the President of the United States is not above a federal grand jury subpoena.

As Joe Kaufman noted in an article yesterday, “CAIR’s March with Terror,” CAIR has expressed its solidarity with Al-Arian’s ongoing obstruction of justice, prominently featuring him on their website and even issuing an Action Alert to its supporters to mobilize on the convicted terrorist leader’s behalf.

Just another episode of CAIR’s solidarity with terror.

Thank you.