Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shocka! New CAIR official is HAMAS supporter!

As our friends at Central Ohioans Against Terrorism recently pointed out, the newly-appointed head of the CAIR-Columbus, Abukar Arman, is an internationally renowned terror apologist, spewing his venom and hatred all over the internet in multiple publications. He is also on the state board of CAIR-Ohio.

But in addition to that, Abukar Arman is an especial admirer of the HAMAS terrorist organization. In January 2006, he published a blog post, “Hamas Victory Is A Victory for Democracy and Peace!”, hailing the successes of the terrorist group (screenshot posted below in the event that Mr. Arman’s article — ahem — disappears).

This revelation of a CAIR official openly supporting their HAMAS terrorist masters is about as predictable as the sun rising in the east, or Ibrahim Hooper eating all the leftover doughnuts after a CAIR staff meeting. It does, however, continue to strip away the thin veneer of respectability that CAIR has purchased with as much Wahhabi money that they have been able to get their hands on.

In summary then: CAIR = HAMAS.

Thank you.